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Who Needs Yoga?

Yoga has been around for at least 5,000 years, originating in the Indus Valley and including physical postures (Asanas) and breathing exercises (Pranayama) to help stretch, open and purify the body in order to reach the highest spiritual goal of Samadhi or enlightenment.

It was created so that individuals could sit for long periods in meditation, to try to alleviate the constant ripples of thoughts and feelings that can get in the way of a stress-free way of living. Remember, there were no chairs then, so people needed to be flexible and strong enough to support themselves sitting on the floor.

Today, while there are some individuals dedicated to their search for enlightenment, most people would welcome more vitality, clarity and focus in their lives and even though we may recognise that life can be stressful, the connection between body and mind tends to be overlooked.


Mondays – Wrafton
LAST SESSION: 17th December
START BACK: 7th January

Wednesdays – Wrafton
LAST SESSION: 12th December
START BACK: 9th January

Tuesdays – Bishops Tawton
LAST SESSION: 18th December
START BACK: 8th January

Thursdays – Chittlehampton & Ilfracombe
LAST SESSION: 20th December
START BACK: 3rd January

Yoga Classes

Regular Yoga practice strengthens the body, heart and mind, helping to find and release tension so that life can be lived to the full without hindrance of anxiety, tension and pain.

By paying attention in each moment to the workings of the breath and the spine, Yoga helps open the body, so that we can notice resistances and blockages and work towards letting them go, making way for the breath, which contains the vital energy, or Prana on which all life depends.

A typical yoga session (60 or 90 minutes) starts with a short relaxation, a time to check in and check out how things are for us right now, in this moment. Then some Pranayama and Asana, helping to encourage strength flexibility and openness in body heart and mind.

My role as a teacher is to help you get the most from your practice without strain, cultivating your innate but often ignored body wisdom, to explore the workings of your unique and precious self. We finish each session with a longer, deeper relaxation to refresh, recharge and re-energise.

All classes are open to anyone, but I would appreciate it if you would contact me before your first attendance to check availability and any special needs you may have.

Current timetable ( 2018 )

See above for Christmas break dates

Heanton Puchardon/Wrafton Parish Hall, Braunton, EX33 2DE
19:00 – 20:30

£7.50 per session or £35 for 5
See above for Christmas break dates

Bishops Tawton Village Hall, Barnstaple EX32 0AB

09:30 – 10:30
£6.00 + share of hall rent
See above for Christmas break dates

Heanton Puchardon/Wrafton Parish Hall, Braunton, EX33 2ES
9:30 – 10:30

£5.00 per session
See above for Christmas break dates

Thursday morning
Village Hall, Chittlehampton, Umberleigh EX37 9NS

09:30 – 10:45
£7.00 per session or £32.50 for 5
See above for Christmas break dates

Thursday evening
Trinity Rooms, Ilfracombe, EX34 8BZ

18:30 – 20:00
£7.50 per session or £35 for 5
See above for Christmas break dates

Individual Yoga/Therapy

Some people prefer an individual approach, rather than attend a class, so I can offer one to one Yoga if that is your choice.  I also offer Yoga Therapy, a unique approach to attaining wellness through the combination of Pranayama, Asana and Mindfulness Meditation. If necessary and appropriate, we can also explore the use of Shiatsu and CBT or EMDR.

All sessions are tailored to your specific needs and we decide together on the best way forward and timings of sessions.


Half, one or two day workshops are a great way to deepen your Yoga practice. I often run workshops with other Yoga teachers and we usually create workshops with specific themes or teaching methods. The next workshop will be in November at Filleigh Village Hall.

Yoga Holidays

2015 was the first year that my friend and fellow Yoga teacher Alexandra Giffoni and I co-facilitated a week’s Yoga residential holiday in the beautiful Casa de Laila near Malaga in Southern Spain.  Following it’s success, we held our second Yoga Holiday in Andalucía, Spain in June 2016. We plan to make this an annual event.

Watch this space for more info on our Yoga retreats, special day events and holiday breaks.

Just for you

Beautiful North Devon is popular with holiday makers all year round. I am able to offer group sessions to celebrate that special occasion – birthday, hen party or maybe a group of friends who want to hang out together and do something special, tailor made to suit your needs.

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